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Aluminium Oxide

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A high grade commercial brown fused alumina manufactured from bauxite, silica, coke and iron


A tough and aggressive electro mineral first discovered at the turn of the 1900’s. Manufacturing procedures substantially improved over the years now offering a highly consistent synthetic mineral for use in a myriad of applications from general blasting and surface finishing of non aero components, anti slip flooring, vibratory finishing medias, safe manufacture, coated & bonded abrasives and polishing compounds.

• Polishing
• Surface Finishing
• Surface Preparation
• Metals: Removal of hard deposits/investment
• Metals: Removal of paint/scale/rust
• Metals: Removal of solder/weld/flex
• Metals: Preconditioning and cleaning
• Metals: Preparation for paint metal or plastic spraying
• Metals: Preparation for enamelling/electroplating/anodising
• Metals: Keying surfaces for rubber/plastic bonding
• Metals: Light deburring
• Metals: Flash removal
• Metals: Matt or textured finish
• Plastics & Composites: Preparation for paint or metal sprayings
• Plastics & Composites: Cosmetic matt or texture finish
• Glass & Ceramics: Decorative marking
• Glass & Ceramics: Frosting & line marking
• Glass & Ceramics: Satin finish
• Anti Slip Floors / Safety Flooring
• Bonded and Coated Abrasives
• Castings and Forgings
• Lapping and Polishing/Lapidary/Optical
• Nuclear and Power Generation
• Oil and Gas Industries
• Refractories and Furnace Linings
• Vapourblasting / Wetblasting
• Vibratory Media Manufacture