Stone grit (ExtraFine)For Sand Blasting soft stonework and brick

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Stock Status: In Stock

Abrasive Type: Expendable


Cleaning of soft stonework and brick, provides uniform finish to uncoated aluminium and stainless steel. Removal of gel coat and paint surfaces from G.R.P. boats. Ideal for the removal of old coatings and heavy grime on natural stone and brick facing, decorative effects on masonry cleaning and restoration work. As Supafine grade on steel.

Surface Finishing
Surface Preparation
Graffiti Removal
Metals: Removal of paint/scale/rust
Construction and Refurbishment/Graffiti Removal
Open Nozzle Blasting

Ship Pre Cleaning/Ship Recycling/Ship Dismantling

Average Hardness (Mohs)    6.5
Recyclability    None
Dust Levels    High
Friability    High

Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against

Edit Product use: Blast cleaning abrasive for stone

The substance does not meet the criteria for classification as dangerous according to EC1272/2008. Therefore exposure assessment, risk characterisation and exposure scenarios for the identified uses through the life cycle is not required (REACH Regulations 1907/006, Annex 1 and ECHA Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment part A) 

JBlast, Stonegrit and SC are produced from mineral slags which are the by-Edit Product for furnace operations.

Selected material is processed, graded then marketed as an abrasive grit mainly for use in conjunction with open nozzle blast cleaning equipment.

The metals and oxides in JBlast form complex silicates, aluminates and oxides which as such do not constitute a hazard to health and safety. 

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